7 Personal Styles

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Apr 14 2014

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There is a definitive science to every institution of study, including fashion. Within this realm of information lies the concept of Universal Styles. There are seven Universal Styles and each one has its unique set of strengths and inherent message(s) that it sends to our surrounding world.  Each of us falls into a one, probably two and sometimes a combination of three personal styles. Below is the 101 (source: What’s My Style , by Alice Parsons).

See if you can find yourself in one, two, three or even four of these!

SPORTY:friendly and casual

Messaging: Through this style, you’re communicating a friendliness, energetic, natural, casual, happy, and optimistic message.  Typically people who are all or mostly Sporty in style are easy going, unpretentious, relaxed, value ease in their wardrobe and are often in “people oriented occupations.”

Easily recognizable elements of the Sporty Style (not to be confused…

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